The Nisala Foundation

          Center for Energy and Consciousness Practices

               Online Energy and Consciousness (EC) Meditation Events

Guided meditations using nada, sound, and Shakti, energy, sessions are conducted by Acharin, the teacher of the Nisala Foundation, Udadumbara, Sri Lanka. These sessions are conducted very Saturday & Sunday from 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm Colombo time.

These sessions of sound-based induction by Acharin can get you in touch with your peaceful inner awareness, regardless of where you are geographically, or what your level of experience in meditation. It indeed can find this out by joining the next event:

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  Meditation Retreats

Intensive silent meditation retreats are held regularly at Nisala Foundation-currently withheld due to lockdowns.

Both new applicants and existing students can go through the retreat schedule and apply for a retreat by submitting an application once retreats become available.

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