Building Construction Fund...

As the teaching, food, and accommodation are given free of charge for people who come for meditation. The funding for the center is through donations. Construction activities also are entirely dependent upon contributions. generous funds are required to complete kitchen facility or dining area at the Centre. Currently the food is served in the meditation hall itself. Since the participants for the meditation retreats have increased it is highly inconvenient and impracticable. So there is an urgent need of having a kitchen & a dining area.


Your generous contributions as cash donations or as building materials are most welcome for completion of the buildings at the Nisala. If you are a company owner you may consider Nisala as one of your CSR projects of the year. Or. If you are interested in funding as a group of friends you may let us know. We shall email you estimates and project details immediately. 

Current Requirements  :

1. Completion of the Kitchen
2. Completion of the Dining Area

3. Completion of the Dormitory for 8 Men with toilets
4. Paving inner roads of the Centre. We require Interlock Stones

Donate Now

Our bank account details are as follows:
Nisala Meditation Centre
Sampath Bank, Digana Branch
A/C Number:  10856 1002 758
Or you can directly transfer money through this site as well.