Meal Contributions

You can sponsor a 4 day retreats at the Nisala annually.  Each month there will be 4 day residential retreats and over 30 participants will be participating each time. 

Acharin’s teaching at the Nisala Foundation helps individuals attain significant levels of relaxation and inner silence.   People of all social strata, including the clergy, and children from ages 10 years upwards, now attend the retreats. However, it has become challenging for people to be able to afford donations for the events. As retreats are run on donations, and there is an increased demand for the retreats, we are at a place looking for individuals who can sponsor some of the retreats either fully or partially. It is in this regard that we approach you. It would be a timely gift to people in a society who are looking to find inner peace right now. Contributions for the Residential Retreats at Nisala. 

The cost per retreat  is LKR 120,000 for 30 participants for each residential retreat. Including morning tea, breakfast, morning snacks, lunch with desserts, evening tea with snacks and night light meal and herbal drink. If you are happy to sponsor a retreat fully or partially, please let us know. Or if you wish to go ahead straightaway and deposit, you can make a bank transfer  to the following account. The account details are as follows: Once you deposit please send us a note or an email with the donation amount for us to  return back to you with an acknowledgment and a receipt. 

Nisala Meditation Center,
Sampath Bank,  Digana Branch.
A/C Number:  10856 1002 758,
Swift Code - BSAMLKLX

For overseas participants, you can try this method for direct transfers.