The Teacher

Acharin is the spritual head of Nisala Foundation Trust and a lawyer. He started his intensive practices of meditation in the year 1996 and began to teach in early 2011, which he does in a full-time capacity now.

The summary of Acharin's teaching can said to be to abide effortlessly in the present, through all activities, and finding means to deepen and attain to a breakthrough in the practice. In order to facilitate this teaching, Acharin uses several traditional, and non-traditonal, teaching methods. Most prominent among them would include breath and walking meditations to anchor the practice; direct pointing out to emptiness, sunnata, to recognise the effortless Now; energy based catharsis to purify the mind; abiding in heart awareness to pin point the direction of progress and deepen the practice; and several other energy-based methods such as the nada, or sound induction; or induction to universal light, among others, as required by different individuals or contexts.

In terms of belief, Acharin holds that at the heart of spirituality there are core principles that transcend their religious backgrounds in to universal principles, experiencing of which  can allow a practitioner to attain to great depths and clarity of  mind, and eventually reach a state of non-dual and transcedental awareness. He further categorises the path of spirituality within enlightenment traditions in to the complementary paths of consciousness and energy that one must learn to work with in order to attain to a breakthrough. This outlook has guided him to set up the Nisala Foundation, a non-religious trust, to disseminate the core principles of the spiritual path to seekers of all and no denominations, to find themselves.

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