Can you imagine a minute or even half a minute that your mind is not thinking? If you try to find such a moment, you will come to know the reality. Whether we like it or not our minds are in a constant process of thinking since our birth. However, in the very first retreat I attended, I experienced a state of mind where I could sense or witness what is happening around but with a mind almost free of thoughts. I was not alone with this experience, almost all who attended the retreat experienced the same. This experience is something difficult to explain in words, you have to experience it yourself.

A.G. PhD,
University of Peradeniya,

The four day retreat provided a great opportunity experience the dhamma by ourselves. Several techniques of Vipassana meditation were taught and participants were closely guided into the practice. Any doubts or difficulties in the process could be resolved during the discussions with the teacher after each 1 hr meditation session. This close guidance made it very effective.

A.K., Professor. 
University of Moratuwa

In the retreat I felt a true spiritual connection to my inner self. The simple and clear instructions, instantly guided me to present moment awareness which is detachedly watchful of all. I was in immense tranquility and the mind was less and less disturbed by thoughts. When I was moved on to the state of awareness of the heart, I experienced profound stillness and emptiness (non-self nature) and was connected to the rich inner life that I never knew was possible before.

Speech Therapist, Kandy.

In Acharin, I met the Zen master I was looking for in Korea, here in Sri Lanka.

PhD, Buddhist Scholar,
South Korea

 have no words to explain the blissful mind that I experienced through mindfulness meditation. I believe that this is an ideal medicine to free your mind from stress and make you happy.

Consultant Cardiologist,

This retreat has been an eye-opener and quite possibly life-changing. Among others, one very important thing I learned during the retreat was how to stop the internal chatter.

D. L. PhD
Botanist, UK

This retreat is one the best experiences of my life-that required no prior knowledge of Buddhist texts. This Vipassana retreat has given me so much happiness and the best introduction to this investigation of life's meaning"

Civil Servant, Bhutan

I have made some fundamental realizations about myself, achieving what I thought was impossible-a stillness of mind, and a separation with my ego. For the past year I have been thinking about these issues and how to resolve them. This understanding was crystallized through my experience, but also through listening to the teacher. In honesty, it has been life changing. I have already noticed a change within myself and managed to rid myself of habits which I have struggled with for a long time.

Post Graduate Student

learnt more about living life-during these four days-than I had in all the years that came before. [The teacher] have an incredible ability to put difficult concepts in to precise and easy to understand language. But more than that you explain in a very few words the answers to seemingly complex questions-both those to do with practical mediation and those to do with the universe. The way I have learnt through doing meditation and through dialogue has brought to me a basis for continuing with meditation.


All in all it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. The schedule of the retreat was so intensive but each and every meditation was necessary and worth it. I liked the teacher's style of guiding us through the whole retreat. I will definitely recommend the retreat and hope to have the chance to participate again in the future. Thank you so much for everything. P.S: the food was delicious!

M.Z., Germany

This was an eye-opening experience. I've been fortunate enough to practice meditation in other Asian countries but the easy, yet deep, way the teachings were explained here really just blew my mind. I have a feeling that the knowledge acquired over these 4 days will take some time to filter.
J. M, Brokline, USA

I found your one on one session especially helpful. Meditation rights after these sessions were particularly deep and helped me go deep into the heart. The Q&A sessions were very clarifying, and I was able to digest your pointing out instructions and answers to others’ questions in a meditative state of mind. All in all this retreat is what I have needed at this point in my practice, the constant reminder to advert to the present awareness, and the subtle ways I which it is known. It’s the affirmation and the push I needed, and I know that I had to come here in order to take the Awareness to the next level.
K. E.
Teacher and Experienced meditator

One will experience extreme inner silence after participating for the 4 day program at "Nisala" Meditation Center. The guidance of the Teacher in achieving this as a real experience which you will literally feel and not as a mere understanding is the highlight and may even be the turning point in one's life. The center operates on donation basis & food and accommodation is provided for the participants. As such I encourage everyone to participate and experience what true meditation feels like, and in the process also to help the center in whatever way you can.
V. W.
Aircraft Engineering Instructor
SriLankan Airlines

I travel from London at least once a year to do retreats at Nisala, and I can say what I get from them is truly unparalleled. The increasing stillness of mind, as well the deeper insight into life that results from it, are life changing and there is no better place in the world that I know of to experience that than at Nisala. The teacher is an exceptionally gifted, kind and compassionate person who touches the heart of everyone who is lucky enough to meditate under him. I couldn't recommend Nisala more to anyone who wants to deepen the stillness in their mind using the ancient teaching of meditation.

Y.F. - London

I was fortunate enough for this meditation to touch my life in a wonderful way. I wish this would have been sooner than later. The center is situated in the majestic Udumbara mountains surrounded by serenity and peace. The bird songs can be heard throughout the day making one feel more with nature. The noble silence is only filled with the wise guidance of the Acharin, taking you through a journey of finding yourself. The journey of rediscovering who and what you are. And whatever you find he teaches you to accept and in turn you find happiness within. No matter what the array of dishes that are offered in the buffet of life joy or sadness, laughter or tears you learn to accept and let it be thus protecting the little lamp that shines from within.


This is the closest that I have ever got to experience the present moment and pure consciousness.  The teacher "Acharin" is very special, selfless and amazingly gifted and he is the present moment. This is pure Vipassana. My third retreat and each one has been special.

This is my first experience of meditation as I have not meditated before. I did not believe that such teachings were available in today’s world. I wish with all my heart that this teaching be available to many more people in the future.

Medical Officer

The retreat in November 2017 was a beautiful experience for me.  Nisala meditation centre is an amazing place.  Acharin is a wonderful teacher. His passion for what he does shows in everything he does from punctuality, meal plans, sense of humor, his knowledge and on top of all the selfless efforts he takes on conducting the retreats and workshops is just beyond words. The retreat is run on donation basis, here in UK or anywhere else for that matter payments will need to be paid upfront for similar workshops. If I had the opportunity I would do the retreats more often at Nisala.

Y. N.
London, UK

This is my first experience of meditation as I have not meditated before. I did not believe that such teachings were available in today’s world. I wish with all my heart that this teaching be available to many more people in the future.

Medical Officer

I understood that there is a reality beyond what can be perceived through the senses. I now know through my intuitive awareness that it isn’t anything physical. My heartfelt thanks for everyone who helped me realize this.


Even though I had been meditating for over fifteen years, it is when I participated in this program that I understood how to meditate in the most simplest of ways. I feel that this has given me a clear and new direction to my life.

Retired Principal

his program gives a unique experience. It shows the power of a peaceful mind. I have participated for several four day retreats and the results are very promising. The life becomes stress free and joyful. My dear friends if you know the true potential when you become mindful you will give the first priority to it.
Medical Officer

As Sri Lankans we have many opportunities to gain knowledge about Dhamma, but gaining a practical experience is much valuable than knowledge. Four day retreats conducted by the Acharin at the Nisala take us to a spiritual experience of our own.

Judicial Medical Officer

My gratitude to you for showing the path and awakening the present moment awareness within a very short retreat. The method used, discussions, and your calm and pleasant attitude and ensuring noble silence were very useful. It was the most fruitful retreat I have experienced.

 I. H.
Medical Practitioner

This was a life changing experience for me. Fine meditation training. Looking forward to more meditation and attend more retreats.
G.A.  PhD,

This was a very productive program. It dispelled many misconceptions I had about meditation.

N.J. -Medical Officer